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Cleansing Conditioners: Simple Solutions For Curly Hair

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Anyone with curly or textured hair can relate to the struggle of finding the perfect product that moisturizes without leaving hair heavy and weighed down. Combing through curly hair can be a disaster if hair is weak and dry. Cleansing conditioners provide a safe solution for hair that needs to be cleaned but not stripped of all moisture.

Cleansing conditioners gently lift dirt and oil out of the hair and away from the scalp, while simultaneously moisturizing from root to ends.

WEN by Chaz provides a high quality cleansing conditioner that can be used daily on all hair types. In just one step hair is cleansed and conditioned.

Curly hair especially benefits from the use of WEN products by removing the buildup that weighs down curls while leaving the moisture that prevents frizz and breakage. It can also be used as a styling product or a leave-in conditioner. Simply apply a small amount after cleansing in the shower, distribute with fingers or a comb, and style as desired. The versatility of this product provides women with a streamlined hair care routine with multiple benefits.

The benefits of using cleansing conditioners include reduced dryness and split ends. Many who use these products experience increased body and strength.

Cleansing conditioners such as WEN are growing in popularity as women seek natural ways to take care of their hair that don’t involve harsh ingredients or drying shampoos. WEN is a simple solution to dry or lifeless curls in need of gentle rejuvenation.

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Using the Product Wen

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Wen is an all-natural shampoo/conditioner product line for men and women. Chaz Dean who is a hair stylist and salon owner believes in living a holistic lifestyle. When he created Wen he wanted it to be a healthier version of the everyday products already on the market. Wen does not include any sodium laurel sulfate or other detergents known to damage the hair. At his Los Angeles salon, Chaz Dean serves a celebrity clientele and chooses not to use products with bleach or high developers; making his salon a safe and fume-free environment.

An article written by, Emily MCClure, at documents a week of using the product Wen. On day one, two, and three Emily follows her normal routine and uses the product at night followed with a blow dry and style. She likes that her hair looks shinier with more bounce, but notices quite a bit of oil at her root in the morning. On day four Emily doesn’t have a chance to wash her hair and is left with a greasy mess, even though she tries to use a dry shampoo at the salon she works at.

Learning from days prior, Emily decides to use the shampoo/conditioner in the morning for days five, six, and seven. She continues to love the way her hair looks right after she washes, blow dries, and styles her hair with Wen. Her hair looks healthier and includes more shine and bounce than she is used to. Being that her hair is fine, she is used to her hair going flat through-out the day, but using Wen she notices that her curls fall out sooner than normal. With healthier looking hair, she concludes that as long as she can shampoo her hair in the morning she likes the results of using Wen.

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National Tittle Clearing, Facilitating Ease During The Clearing Process

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The National Tittle Clearing Company (NTCC) is a single location company based in Florida. The company was established in 1991. It is ranked as a mortgage company. It offers expert research, document processing, and processing services to mortgage lenders, services, residential mortgage lenders, and investors. It insulates people against financial fraud during home ownership process. This company’s services meet the needs of the current market considering the increasing rate of crime while buying houses in the industry.


The National Tittle Clearing Company has retained its integrity by ensuring that people own homes without financial fraud. The company has lasted in the industry for more than a decade now. It has opened some offices in Texas. It is important to note that a business can be mismanaged if it has many branches in operation. NTCC has taken a long time to open another branch. The new offices will provide services for clients who travel from different places to do business with the enterprise.


The National Tittle Clearing Company observes gender equality. It has two women on its board, unlike most boards that are made up of men only. This shows that the nature of the company is to empower everybody in the industry to conduct a life that is worth living. The company has worked with different stakeholders including government and banks. This is an indicator of the type of integrity that the company holds at its core. The mastery of integrity for people handling money in excess can be challenging. This has made the company to gain authority in the industry. It owns a market share that other companies have not had in the past. The establishment of the company’s branch in Texas tells it all. The branch is led by former employees of Florida who teaches the new employees about the company’s core values to avoid tarnishing the strong brand that has taken years to build.


The National Tittle Clearing Company has declared to roll out a piece of training for people in the industry and aspiring people to join the sector after the many years in business. The training will be a platform for the people to share their knowledge and expertise on how to conduct business with integrity. The company proves that business can be carried out in a world that believes in lies by individuals who have mastered integrity.



Julie Zuckerberg Stands Tall As A Notable Figure In The Field Of Talent Acquisition

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In the male-dominated field of Recruitments and Talent Acquisition, Julie Zuckerberg shines as a person who has made a name for herself. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg works as the Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. At the company, she heads a group of recruiters who she has taken under her wing to groom and perform all the tasks that she gives them. Julie Zuckerberg has been of excellent service to the company, as she has helped them with all their talent acquisition and recruitment needs. Julie has also worked with the higher level executives in the company, helping them with their managerial tasks and offering them insights into various matters. She also helps the company with the numerous contracts and negotiations that they receive through their partnership with their clients.


Through the course of her career, Julie Zuckerberg has worked with numerous clients, helping them with their recruitment needs. Generally, during the hiring season, Julie advises her clients with the different parameters according to which they should ideally go about conducting their interviews while her team of expert recruiters handles all the on-site happenings and interviews. By doing this, Julie Zuckerberg has placed countless people into their dream jobs, which have also benefited the company. She is known to have a knack for understanding the person coming for the interview, as well as understanding the needs of her client, which is what sets her apart in the field. Over the years, Julie Zuckerberg has met people belonging to various professions, which have all contributed to the knowledge she has gained over the years. She has been mentored by some of the best in the field, which is why she is at such a high position in the world of talent acquisition and recruitments today.


As surprising as it may seem, Julie did not intend to enter the world of talent acquisition. Through her life, she has gone through a series of career changes, with philosophy being the first. She had initially decided to get a degree in Philosophy but then switched to law. This led to Julie Zuckerberg attaining a degree from New York Law College. When she passed out of law school, Julie started working as a legal recruiter at Hudson, placing lawyers and paralegals in numerous companies and law firms across the city. After working at Hudson for a while, she went on to work at Citi, At Citi, Julie worked as an Executive Recruiter, placing all the employees of the company in appropriate departments. She then went on to become the Vice President of Recruitments at the company, a position she held for six years. She also performed the tasks of negotiations with clients at Citi, which was a skill she carried on to her current job at Deutsche Bank.


Julie Zuckerberg’s tremendous experience working with these companies took her to new heights when she became the Corporate Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company. Here, she continued to help the company with their recruitments and talent acquisition.