Talk Fusions Hard Work Pays Off

It’s been a big year for Talk Fusion, and their hard work has been recognized. On august 5th the Technology Marketing Corporation gave the Communication Solutions Product Of The Year Award to Talk Fusion. With all of the hard work that everyone at Talk Fusion has put into making their product the best on the market, the prize was undoubtedly rightfully theirs.


Talk Fusions has been around since 2007 when they first realized the original product. Since then their technology has gotten more advanced, and the company has grown tremendously. The CEO of the company, Bob Reina, had the idea to start this company when he noticed the many problems with the market for video communication systems. He found there to be no good way to email videos, which in his eyes, is an important part of business. Since that day Reina and his coworkers have been creating new and improved methods of video communication.


In just 2016, Talk Fusion released three new products. A thirty-day free trial for those interested in the product, a webRTC recorder, and a new website The company says that in their future, they hope to be bringing an all in one video communication product to the table. This would simplify how we do business through video and would help small businesses get their start in the competitive market.


This is an overall good product brought to you by a company made up of good people. From both the quality of the product, and the kindness of the higher-ups, offering free trials to anyone and free services to animal-based charities, you know talk fusion comes to you from a good place.