Davos Real Estate Group Makes New Announcement

David Osio, CEO of the Davos Real Estate Group, was joined by his executive directors for the announcement of their latest technology asset to be made available to their clients. The announcement was a new mobile application that will be available for anyone prospectively looking at buying a property in the South American markets. The application will be a great resource to real estate investors all over the continent.

The application is called the Davos CAP Calculator. The real estate group is one of the leading investment firms in Latin America. This new piece of software should only strengthen that claim. The firm got so successful over the last two decades by committing itself to giving each of its clients personally tailored advice that works within their portfolio to give them the results that they want.

The CAP Calculator is truly a labor of love for Davos. The company spent half a year developing and streamlining the technology. The app was developed in conjunction with South American-based software development company, Tecknolution. The app was mostly developed under the supervision of one of the executive directors, Gerard Gonzalez.

David Osio is one of the most successful financial professionals over the last three decades in South America. He got his start in school in the country of Venezuela. He went to law school in the country and got a job after graduation working for a legal practice that works in the financial sector. This is where he gained most of his knowledge about the financial industry.

He represented some of the top banks and corporations in the country. After that, he transitioned to the other side of the aisle to work for the Banco Latino Internacional in Miami, Florida. This is what brought his to the United States. His vast knowledge of the financial industry and financial regulations in South America helped him work his way up to being the Vice President of Commercial Banking.

After this, he decided to strike out on his own and use his investing knowledge to start the Davos Investing Group. It is one of the biggest firms operating in South America. The Davos Real Estate group is one of the biggest factions of it. The fact that they are now giving people the opportunity to carry a mortgage calculator with them wherever they go will only make the company more successful. The company has plans to expand on the offerings of the application in the future.

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