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The Benefits of Reputation Management

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For businesses that are looking to thrive and to continue on throughout the 21st century, one of the most valuable aspects of owning a business is maintaining a positive reputation that can lead to not only loyal and more customers to the business, but also leads to more revenue for the business. A positive online presence and creative ways to Brand Yourself are the most important aspects of owning a business and can make or break a business. Though this is one of the most crucial ways to build a business, many businesses do not take advantage of this opportunity and decrease or delete any potential online presence that could be possible to maintain the business. The more connected a business is with the consumers of the products and the services that are being sold, the more likely a business is to exceed and to continue to grow and expand forward into the far future and beyond.
For businesses that are smaller or more medium in size, one of the best investments to make is in a reputation management firm that has experts that know exactly what to do in order to make sure that a business not only keeps a positive reputation, but also to negate any negative content that can potentially ruin a business and their reputation. Thanks to many reputation management professionals, the use of digital and marketing tools can be used in favor of the client. Reputation management firms not only treat the customer like a client, but also treat the customer like a partner of the business.

For businesses that are looking for free advice, the reputation management industry is more than accommodating of this request. One of the best pieces of advice is to initially create a large social media presence. to make sure that the potential clients of the business know what is available to them. Updated social media accounts not only create an accessible business on behalf the consumer for all social media users, but it also encourages feed back and excellent quality customer service to the customers which encourages a great relationship and ensures a future for the business.


Don Ressler Offers Fashion For People To Build Their Style

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One thing certain people that are involved in fashion are going to realize is that there is a difference between style and fashion. While fashion is the many different pieces of clothing that are offered, style is the technique that one uses in order to put together an outfit that they want. Don Ressler understands this, and is willing to make sure that all categories of fashion offer this opportunity to customers. Don Ressler understands the difficulty of building up a style when there is a limited category of clothing available for the customer. Don Ressler has took note of that difficulty when he shopped at various active wear sections of clothing retailers as well as active wear shops.

Don Ressler has partnered up with the likes of Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson to bring forth a greater variety to athletic clothing with Fabletics. Fabletics offered plenty of products which brought forth a new subcategory in active wear called athleisure. This is the stylish type of athletic clothing that women love to buy and wear because they feel more confident in themselves while they get their exercise. They are also encouraged to wear these clothes to places like clubs, bars, or any other place that people frequent so that they are able to enjoy themselves.

Don Ressler not only offers some very interesting products through Fabletics, he also works with Adam Goldenberg in order to find out the products that sell the most. Of course the products that sell the least are going to be done away with after they are finally sold in place of new items. This allows not just for new items to be sold, but also for the best selling items to be stocked at Fabletics. Fabletics will then earn enough money to expand its business through different mediums so that a multitude of people will discover the unique fashion and accessories that are offered by the retailer.

Fabletics offers people a chance to discover their style through the use of a wide variety of clothing and accessories. Fabletics is more centered on the individual. It has something for different styles and preferences.

Mike Baur Brings Innovation to Switzerland with SSUF

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Mike Baur is the founder of Angel Investment firm Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF). He founded the company in 2014 after spending 20 in the private banking world. His Zurich based incubator specializes in mentoring and financially supporting young entrepreneurs focused mainly on digital technologies. In addition to financially backing start-ups, SSUF offers office space and access to potential clients which contribute to the success of the firm. Young entrepreneurs are invited to apply for chance to become part of SSUF in a rigorous 3 month process which involves presentations in front some of the most notable investors in the industry.
Behind every great mentor is a great mentor and Mike Baur considers Jean-Claude Biver one of his best teachers. Jean-Claude Biver is the CEO of the TAG Heuer watch company and majority shareholder in Hublot, which is credited with rejuvenating the Omega and Blancspain brands. Baur has taken inspiration from Biver not only in his determination and success, but also from his desire to give back by lecturing and mentoring others on a regular basis. On an interesting side note, Biver creates his own cheese on his farm in the Swiss Alps purely as a hobby. Refusing payment for the product, he maintains ultimate control over the process seemingly a balance to the business world which involves constantly pleasing clients.
In February 2016, SSUF announced a partnership with Geneva based Fintech-Accelerator firm Fusion. Guillaume Dubray founded Fintech Fusion in 2015. This partnership will provide both firms the opportunity to share knowledge, expertise, and office space to provide the best possible support to the young entrepreneurs who are a part of the SSUF team.
In May of 2016, SSUF recruited former Leonteq banker and co-founder Michael Hartweg to join the firm as a mentor and investor. With his extensive background in finance, he will be the leading mentor in financial technologies. Along with mentoring chosen entrepreneurs, he will also assist in evaluating which young entrepreneurs to back with investments from SSUF.
One of SSUF’s successful graduates is Beaconsmind which provides retailers with real-time, in store data about their customers. This provides the opportunity to better structure a targeted shopping experience to meet their needs. For more information about Beaconsmind, click here.

Explore the Opportunities That Online Reputation Management Can Bring To Your Business

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An article published on OnlineReputationReviews’ website points out that oftentimes reputation management as a principle has a bad reputation. This is due to the fact that most people think about reputation as something that you only need when a crisis occurs. Therefore, they think of online reputation management more as a cleanup service than an actual brand management service.

Of course, the reputation management industry does not help with this negative image of online reputation management because fear has always been a tactic used to gain customers. Slogans that say you need brand management or your business will be hit with bad reviews and poor press articles. This makes business owners feel that they are not in control and creates desperate buyers.

However, all of the above is a myth when it comes to trustworthy online reputation management. This is due to the fact that a reputation does not necessarily have to be bad. Reputation is made up of a lot of factors online, and as the Forbes article points out, a lot of these things can be good things. Instead of considering a reputation a problem that needs to be managed, it may be more helpful to think of reputation as a value center that can be capitalized on.

An online reputation is the thing that sets one business or person apart from another and is made up of comments, mentions, reviews, press, and more content that is scattered throughout the online universe. Every day there are opportunities to be had for those who build strong reputations, and with the right online management company these opportunities will not be missed.

It’s not enough in today’s online world to wait until there is a crisis to seek out the help from a reputable online reputation management firm. It is time to be proactive and seek out help to build a competitive advantage in the online marketplace. When used correctly, your reputation can be a strategic asset that sets you above your competitors and creates a marketing campaign of its own. Instead of waiting for your business to be exploited, why not exploit all of the opportunities waiting for you?


George Soros Goes Bearish Amid Many Challenges Affecting The Global Economy

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The founder and chair of Soros Fund Management, George Soros is worried about China’s economy and how it is going to impact the global economy. Soros has, therefore, dialed back on the U.S. stocks investment by more than a third and betting for gold. The recent change in strategy is reflected in the value of Soros Fund Management’s publicly disclosed holdings that declined by 37 percent to $3.5 billion by the end of March according to reports from the government filing. It is clear that Soros Fund Management has opted for bearish options that include 2.1 million shares of SPDR 500 ETF Trust at a value of $431 million.

The firm has bought 1.05 million shares from SPDR Gold Trust and recently took a stake in Barrick Gold Corp, the world’s biggest producer of gold with shares worth $264 million. Soros Fund Management has $24 billion in assets under management, all belonging to George Soros and his family after refunding the assets the firm owed to other investors.

George Soros had expressed doubts in the China’s economy warning investors to take caution as the debt-fueled economy resembles the moments before U.S. 2007/2008 financial crisis that became the global financial crisis. Soros has publicly said that a “hard landing” for China is “practically unavoidable” and added that it would worsen the already ailing global economy, drag down the value of stocks, cause deflation and boost the U.S. economy.

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The Brexit polls have also put a darker future of the world economy as the British people voted out of the European Union. Since the election, the price of gold has sky-rocketed, and the value of the Great Britain Pound has plunged significantly. Soros predicted that Britain’s exit from the European Union would be messy, and it would also cast problems to the global economy. While Soros has gained from the rising gold prices, other investors are following his way and as he recently expressed doubts about the future of the European Union to stay united.

Some analysts say that the surge in the price of gold is just a safe-haven-demand, calling it temporary. However, some analysts believe that the panicking investors are just overreacting to the Brexit situation which is going to take some time to be implemented and take effect. There is no doubt the confidence in the world economy is falling which is the reason Soros chose the bearish option. Soros has described other problems affecting the global economy such as immigration, the Syrian crisis, the threat of terrorism from ISIS and other groups, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and the geopolitical issues would affect the value of the U.S. dollar and derail the world economy.

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