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NYC’s Real Estate Market Looking Better Than Ever

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he real estate developments proposed during the month of June in New York City, were large-scale office projects. With square footage as high as 1 million, the plans also include residential buildings, hotels, and they are scattered over four of the five boroughs.

In Manhattan, four such projects are underway. On 413 West 18th Street, specifically on the parking lot of the Robert Fulton public housing complex, a 160-unit building is being planned. On 12 East 48th Street, a 31-story, 161 guest room and retail space hotel is under planning by Hidrock Realty. On 827 Broadway, Quality Capital and Caerus Group plan an office and retail building 14 stories high. The first three floors will be comprised of retail space, and the remaining 11 will feature office space. On 43 West 47 Street, the planning of a 17-story office building is in progress by Boris Aronova.

So far, only one real estate endeavor is being planned in the Bronx. Located on 2956 Park Avenue, it will be a 154-unit, 15-story residential rental building. It is being planned by Mo Vaughn and Eugene Schneur’s Omni New York and will feature an affordable housing component which has not yet been specified.

There two projects in Queens. The first is on 37-12 Prince Street where, as per F&T Group’s plans, a 14-story office building with 43 condo units, a Hyatt Hotel and retail space is in the planning stages. The second is on 28-10 Queens Plaza South, and being planned by Tishman Speyer. It is a massive, two tower office project which would rise 27 stories.

In Brooklyn, Thor Equities is planning to build a five-story office building, on 270 Richards Street. It will have retail space on the ground floor, and the fifth will enjoy a roof deck and a walking track. On 21 Flushing Avenue, a Navy Yard, appears to be the place for a Wegmans grocery. Steiner NYC plans to build in order to house the supermarket, as well as space for industrial use. Delshah Capital and OTL Enterprises plan to build, on 22 Chapel Street, a rental building. It will feature 180 units on the third through 20th floors, and 2,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.

TOWN Residential is a real estate services firm which specializes in marketing sales and leasing of luxury residential and commercial properties, as well as property developments. It has a solid foundation, and customer service, which is best-in-class, being executed by a team of representatives beyond comparison. It has cemented itself as an integral part of the New York real estate industry, and has done so by establishing a new standard of excellence through uncompromising principles.

The firm is comprised of two divisions: TOWN New Development, which focuses on high-end developments and NYC apartments for sale.  It has direct access to, and leverages their relationships with architects, contractors, interior designers and amenity providers, all for the benefit of its clientele and their respective developments. TOWN Marketing and Leasing focuses on residential properties, be they ground up, converted or repositioned multi-family properties. Its team of brokers, onsite agents and managers are so highly trained and experienced in pre-development matters, that they can seamlessly translate strategy into measurable plans of action that support any property’s goals.

The Irony of Business: Status Labs Rebuilds Their Company Using Their Reputation Management Skills

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As an international online reputation management firm, Status Labs works to both increase companies and individual’s positive online coverage and to protect them from server and negative reviews. Their work is done to provide their clientele with well deserved second chances and prevent them from false accusations. In essence, Status Labs strives to help their client’s digital reputation, even during crisis.
Currently, Status Labs has worked with over 1,500 clients in 35 countries, opening their doors in 2012. The company has worked with Fortune 100 brands, public figures, and other well-known clients. Darius Fisher, the co-founder of Status Labs currently stands as the president of the company.
For a taste of irony, Status Labs recently endured their own threat towards their reputation. In fact, negative press and controversy surrounding an executive off duty, who has now been let go, went from local to national news over night. The event stirred the company and they knew changed needed to implemented to save their reputation.
Their initial step, which played a crucial role in piecing the company back together after the bad press, was to assign a new leader for the company. In doing so, the employees unanimously requested the executive in question to resign, which the media was informed of subsequently. In addition, the company added a photo of the employees, which made Status Labs more real to the public. The public could then realize that their anger had been misdirected.
Status Labs then realized a need to reach out to the local community. This was done through acts of volunteering, which proved beneficial to those in need and to the morale of the company. Nonetheless, some employees still resigned from their positions due to the negative press. While Status Labs is mournful from losing key members of their team, this was used as a lesson to show employees how much they are truly valued. To do this, the employees now enjoy catered lunches on Fridays, are allowed to bring in their well-behaved pets, go on adventurous outings, and are kept up-to-date with company newsletters and meetings.
In all, the company is now more cautious of who they add on to their team. Nonetheless, using their skills in public relations crisis and online reputation management, Status Labs has been able to rebuild their company’s reputation and become a closer connected team of employees.

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Protect Your Reputation Online

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Today’s world is one of Yelp reviews and random articles that have a huge effect on how your business operates. More and more the reputation of a company supersedes the actual product or service. When was the last time you purchased an Amazon product without looking at the reviews? When was the last time you booked a hotel without giving pause to check out the star rating? Online opinions are spreading to our personal lives, a bad article attacking you personally can have a huge impact on job prospects, or even friendships.

The people of the Internet love their bad reviews, and a customer is ten times more likely to share a poor review over a good one. Trying to clean up your reputation online is like cleaning spilled syrup… nearly impossible. When given the misfortune of a bad article, you have a couple options: Work personally to remove the bad press, or hire a company to get things done.

Get things done yourself by driving web traffic to alternative sites or articles. Maybe take out some ad space or use social networking to focus people on just the good. This method really relies on your writing/selling skills and hope that the article has not spread beyond its original point. The pro here is that it would cost you nothing or little, the con is that it hardly ever works and you can waste a lot of time. For a business owner, time really does equal money.

Hire a well-respected company to get things done, and stop worrying. Bury Bad Articles,, is a service that specializes in taking bad press, poor reviews and opinions and burying them deep in the underbelly of the Internet. Rather than having a poor article come up first when in a Google search, it is buried deep, well past where the average consumer will look. Without the bad press, your customers will see all of the good and none, or at least less, of the bad. You don’t need to be told the implications, a customer, job hunter, or confidante will not come to you with preconceived notions. You will have the opportunity to wow them with your excellent service and personality.

Either route you choose it is important to be on top of you or your companies reputation online. Services like make this an easy process that will not take away from the rest of your daily activities.

Shaygan Kheradpir ; The New Coriant CEO

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Shaygan is the chairperson of the board of directors at Coriant as well as its current serving CEO of the company. He is also a supplier of the networking solutions and has been proven for that for his clean track record of success at various companies. Coriant by far is the best and the forefront leader as the leading network operator in more than one hundred countries in the world, and that does not exclude it from being the top nine tier out of the global ten in service providers in the communication department.

Shaygan is recognized worldwide for his talented leadership experience in technology as well as business and the financial services industry as well. He also began his career at GTE incorporation which subsequently led to his appointment as the leader of the Verizon EVP. He also became the executive member of the leadership team as well as the chief information officer for that team that led the company realizes its efficiency, modernization as well as innovation. They also pioneered products that included FiOS, which is one of the largest programs in infrastructure in the entire United States of America with a net worth of twenty billion dollars in investment.

He then later joined Barclays bank as its technology officer and chief operations manager and went on to serve as the member of the Bank executive board of directors. He also held a leadership role at the bank that led to the innovation and creation of a transforming program; this is historical for the twenty-first century. With more than one hundred and fifty thousand employees in more than fifty countries in the entire world.

Following this role in the bank, he was then appointed as the new CEO of the Jupiter Networks and decided to develop an integrated plan for the company that henceforth focused on the execution on a strategic market growth for the excellent IQ builders as well as Cloud builders. Shaygan also held a role at the Merlin Equity Partners as an operating partner focusing on strategic technology as well as telecom investments.

Shaygan Kheradpir hit the 2014 news as the best performing CEO of the year, and this led to shine the light of management. He is now at the helm of Coriant and has success in the business and technology sector with more than twenty-eight years of market experience.

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How Does Securus Work?

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We have been using Securus for a while, and we are really pleased with the way that it works for us in our office. We have been very lucky to get amazing results from the app that Securus made, and we have been able to see all the inmates who work with our group. We need to make visits to these inmates, but it is far too hard to do that sometimes because of how far away everyone is. We got the Securus app, and then we set up an account to make calls that would be much easier than otherwise. We are also very happy with the way that it works when we are trying to see the state of each inmate.


I have noticed that I get a direct video feed that honestly looks better than most of the video messaging apps out there. Securus tried to make it as easy to use as possible, and we just press a button to make our calls out to the inmates. We get to see them on the video feed, and then we can talk to them for as long as we need. We have always had to have this kind of assistance, and we are sure that we will be able to keep using it so that there are no problems in the future with our calls.

Securus has made all the prison calls we make really easy, and they have created a place for us to go that is truly helpful. We get to have the results we need, and we feel like we are really deeply involved in the lives of all these inmates. Securus gave us the video feed we need, and now we are able to serve a lot more people because of how Securus works.

FreedomPop Unveils New Unlimited Plan

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The mobile cell phone world has been changing rapidly for the better part of the past decade. So many companies are trying to change the game in order to take over the top spot on the ladder. FreedomPop, once a small start up out of Los Angeles, has now moved into pole position as one of the most interesting mobile carriers on the market. FreedomPop recently unveiled their ‘unlimited plan’ for only $20 and it looks like it will change the way people look for carriers.

FreedomPop got their first surge in the tech world by offering a fundamentally free product to their consumers. The core of FreedomPop’s business revolves around offering customers a limited amount of free talk, text, and data. This option has been more than enough to get many people started with a budget smart phone that can attend to their needs. Over the past year or so the company has been expanding and trying out many new techniques to bring in customers. Their newest plan is called the “Unlimited Everything” plan. Check out this review of FreedomPop.

This new unlimited plan offers customers all of the talk, text, and data that they could possibly want for a simple $20 bill every single month. This is a stark departure from the price point of many other carriers that charge both an arm AND a leg in order to get the same unlimited options. There are some pieces of information that you should know about before jumping on board. Though you do have unlimited data your speed will drop from 4G to 3G after your first GB of usage. Though this will turn some people off, the loss in speed shouldn’t be a bother to most casual users. To make things even better you have the ability to tether with your phone for no additional price.

FreedomPop is gaining ground on the biggest mobile carriers thanks to their shift to usage of the Spring 4G LTE Network. This change has brought about a line of LTE phones that are now being sold by FreedomPop to new customers which include the Samsung Galaxsy S3, S4, the Victory, and the HTC EVO 4G as well as the iPhone 5. All of the LTE phones that are purchased through FreedomPop will come loaded with the basic FreedomPop plan: 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data per month — all completely free of charge.

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sends A Strong Message To The UK: Don’t Leave The European Union

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The United Kingdom has been a vital part of the European economic community for more than 40 years. The UK is one of the more fiscally responsible members, and at times, one of the less tolerant. It’s no secret that the European Union is in trouble. The Greek debacle coupled with the overspending habits of country’s like Spain, Greece and Ireland has put a serious strain on the euro. The migration crisis shook the EU’s core last year, and the basic premise of open borders and an open society was thrown out the window by the nationalism that surface in several member states.

The UK has been arguing about leaving the EU for years, but this time, the argument has resulted in a national vote. The Brits get to decide if they want to leave the mess in the European Union, or they want to stay. Recent polls show 44 percent of UK’s population want to leave. Polls are not as accurate as they appear, but men like billionaire investor and Philanthropist George Soros and soccer star David Beckham are warning the people of the UK to vote to stay. The same poll showed that only 42 percent of UK voters want to stay, and 9 percent were undecided.

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Brexit wound: UK vote makes EU decline ‘practically irreversible’, Soros says

George Soros – Project Syndicate

George Soros is the man that broke the Bank of England in 1992 when he predicted and bet that the UK would have to devalue the pound sterling, so he is very familiar with UK economics. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Soros recently put out a press release and according to USA Today, he urged the UK to stay in the EU. If the UK leaves the EU, the pound will depreciate by 20 percent almost immediately, according to Soros That means that one pound would be worth the same as one euro. And that’s just the begging of the damage. Economic trade will be greatly affected, and when that happens a recession that may rival the 2008 meltdown could be the next issue. George Soros believes another Black Wednesday scenario like the one 24 years could engulf the country if the vote to leave the EU is successful.

Prime Minister David Cameron is also urging people to think about the future of their children. Cameron is frustrated with the European Union, but he thinks the UK should stay and help sort out the mess. There is no doubt that a UK exit from the EU could be the final blow for the unstable Union. The 28-member EU is walking on egg shells thanks to terrorist and migration issues. There is a strong resurgence in nationalism in several member states, and closing borders is the special of the day in those countries.

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