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FreedomPop Expands its Services to the International Community

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FreedomPop, a mobile start-up company that is based in Los Angeles has some news for its customers. The institution will be expanding its services to the international community. The company recently got a lot of cash to achieve this goal.

Last Wednesday, FreedomPop introduced a new international SIM and hotspot. According to FreedomPop, the hotspot will be able to aggregate cellular networks from different parts of the world, giving the consumers a single seamless connection of data.

The new service will be available to the individuals living in the United States and the United Kingdom at first. After the initial purchase, the consumers will also get free data to start enjoying the services. The company has made plans to expand its coverage to over forty nations, and this is expected to happen before the end of the year. Some of the areas to be covered include Latin America and some parts of Asia.

The recently launched global hotspot is being sold at $ 49.99, but it is expected to go up soon. The international SIM is available for ten dollars. As new countries are added into the global coverage, FreedomPop is planning to remotely update its SIM. The new financing will help the institution to make these projects successful.
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Mark Sparks Keen on Supporting Social Service Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Mark Sparks is a successful entrepreneur who hails from Dallas, Texas. He has successfully built a portfolio of companies together with other founding entrepreneurs from his equity firm. About 15 years ago, Sparks met Lynn Sipiora and started a homeless shelter with her called The Samaritan Inn. Together, the duo grew the small homeless shelter, located in Collin County, into a huge operation that feeds about 200 people daily. In addition, it runs on an annual budget of about $3 million.

In addition, the two also built a transitional apartment complex located in North Texas, started a thrift store and fostered a family shelter (currently under construction) worth $7 million. As a result of their successful endeavors together, Lynne Sipiora convinced Sparks to foster innovative, unconventional and economically feasible business ideas from entrepreneurs that result in social success.

Spark Tank

Spark tank was created to help foster business ideas from social service entrepreneurs that had potential benefits to the community. It funds grants and oversees accountability. This innovative concept aims to offer financial assistance to entrepreneurs with viable ideas. 15 years back, Sparks and Sipiora managed the Samaritan Inn with a $5,000 budget. Using this budget, they managed to build a pet kennel at the shelter, cover the cost of kid’s lessons and camps as well as fueled the Inn’s shuttle bus for a whole year.

How the Program Works

All applicants are required to submit their online applications before July 15, 2016. Thereafter, all applications will be thoroughly reviewed and shortlisted to three finalists. The finalists are later required to personally appear before a designated Spark Tank panel to present their ideas. The 20 minutes time allocated is split into two 10-minute parts; presentation and Q&A. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

All applicants must be 501c3 organizations with at least two years of history. Human and animal services as well as arts are eligible to apply. National charities, political action committees, faith based initiatives and united way charities are not eligible to apply.

Mark Sparks

Mark Sparks is a businessman, venture capitalist and entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. He heads Timber Creek Capital and maintains several portfolio companies. Today, Sparks’ interests lie in the telecommunication industry in companies like Cardinal Telecom, Slash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. Sparks is passionately involved in philanthropic efforts. He is involved in the Samaritan Inn, American Can! Academy and Habitat for Humanity. Read more: @msparks5010

Sparks has a 34-year experience as an entrepreneur and has seen his fair share of successes and failures. This god-fearing entrepreneur has managed to create and sell companies using his persistence, keen instinct and experience. He has reiterated that his passion lies in building companies from unconventional ideas. He is also a published author having written ‘They Can’t Eat You’ based on his personal life and business experiences.

The Benefit of Consuming Nutrimost

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Among all the diets in the world, it is common knowledge according to NYC FatLoss research that the best one to follow is a healthy wholesome diet that though demonstrates results in more time allotted, is the best way to continue to live a healthy and focused life. Though this is common knowledge, it is often not followed by individuals or even diets creating unattainable diet goals with unrealistic allotted weight loss amounts. Often enough, diets or even weight loss goals teach individuals to never enjoy food or exercise. One healthy diet though has created a system that not only teaches each and every client how to enjoy food, but this diet also gives individuals the tools that they need in order to continue eating healthy on their own.
This particular diet is called Nutrimost Recipes which was created in 2014 with the goal to teach people of the importance of eating healthy without setting unrealistic weight loss goals. Nutrimost is a company that recognizes that not all weight loss is the same and the fact that some individuals lose weight quicker or even slower than others. Nutrimost has created a tailored dieting and exercise plan that guarantees losing weight in a healthy manner while giving individuals a reason to enjoy weight loss rather than hate the process.

Diets are often associated to be bad and can often have the opposite affect than what was originally desired. By creating unattainable goals, users of diets often become unmotivated and discouraged by the lack of progress. This not only leads to a waste of time, but also leads to a waste of money. Nutrimost wants to make every individual’s dollar spent count for something. Nutrimost guarantees to each and every client that by the end of the diet, they will love all the types of foods that have been put on the menu. Visit for more info.

Talk Fusion Quickly Become A Worldwide Leader In Video Communication

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Florida-based Talk Fusion is quickly becoming the standard bearer for video marketing across the globe. Their success is well earned. With the recent launch of their Video Chat app the company has experienced rapid growth of their customer base.

Video Chat is a service that allows users to communicate with and market to customers and prospects around the world. The service is currently the number one communication app in Indonesia and is number five in Japan.

With Video Chat businesses and seamlessly embed videos into their marketing emails. This makes it easier to get their message in front of customers at an affordable rate.

The service is compatible with virtually any device. Versions are available for Apple, Android, PC, Mac and most tablets. This versatility means that virtually any member of a marketing team can effectively send messages to their customer base.

In addition to sending out video marketing messages, users can hold online meetings from anywhere, as long as the have an Internet connection or mobile service. There is also a face-to-face video chatting option that allows users to communicate one-on-one and supply an unforgettable experience.

The company is currently offering a free 30-Day Trial of their Video Chat service to anyone who sign up through an Associate or directly from the companies website.

Talk Fusion is a global leader in video communications and is dedicated to helping businesses grow their sales and communicate more effectively. The products are marketed person to person through a large network of independent Associates all around the world.

Soros donates 15 million dollars to the Libre Foundation

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Indiana’s primaries brought Donald Trump one step closer to achieving his presidential dreams. The billionaire and reality-television star says that he has enough of his own money to fund his campaign. No one doubts that Trump has enough money to fund his campaign, but another billionaire has entered the race and spoken out against him. George Soros, known for supporting democratic causes, stepped into the campaign by donating to the Libre foundation. Soros hopes to stop Trump at any cost and end the surreal nature of the 2016 presidential election.

George Soros may have unlikely allies in the GOP establishment. Even Cruz, who was not considered to be an establishment candidate, stepped up his campaign in Indiana to stop the Republican frontrunner. When Trump won the GOP primaries in Indiana, Cruz and Kasich finally pulled out of the race. With only a few more primaries remaining, it seems more likely that Trump will win the Republican nomination.

Many media pundits have expressed befuddlement over how the reality-television star became the front runner. Trump has expressed anti-Immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment. Forcing Mexico to pay for to build a wall at the United States Mexico border has been one of Trump’s more contentious ideas, and he has suggested putting a ban on further Islamic Muslim immigration.

George Soros reached out to the Hispanic community, feeling that Trump has likely alienated many members of this constituency. The Democratic billionaire donated $15 million to the Libre Foundation. The Libre Foundation plans on using his financial support to bring more Latinos to the polls in the general elections.
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Democratic candidates face an uphill battle. Few Democratic voters feel the enthusiasm of their Republican counterparts. Debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton never received the ratings of the Republican debates. As the convention approaches, party leaders worry that neither candidate in the race may be able to drive voter turnout in numbers large enough to defeat the Trump campaign machine.

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Bob Reina: Making Talk Fusion Bigger And Better

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Talk Fusion is a video communication service that has been seeing significant growth in recent months. The company was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. When Talk Fusion launched, they had one product, the video email. This became a big hit because it allowed individuals and businesses to embed videos into their emails for more effective and personal communication. Talk Fusion slowly expanded their platform to include an email newsletter, a live meeting program, sign up forms and a video chat application. And all of the programs have high definition video quality.

The company has a unique marketing strategy for its products, too. Rather than through traditional mediums, Talk Fusion has decided to go the direct sales route. They are a member of the Direct Selling Association and have many pleased distributors around the world who are seeing significant success. And over and above the uniqueness of direct sales is how payment happens with Talk Fusion. Rather than pay distributors on a monthly or evening weekly basis, a distributor gets paid as soon as a sale has gone through. The money is immediately deposited onto a credit card from Talk Fusion. This in combination with a recent incentive of a 30 day free trial have made Talk Fusion’s user base grow surprisingly quickly.

Bob Reina is the founder of the company. Reina’s background is actually in the police service. However, during his spare hours, Reina joined several direct sales opportunities and saw significant success. This background in direct sales is really what influenced Reina to opt for that route with Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina strongly believes in his products and it was his personal desire for these types of products that made him realize that others might also be interested in using something similar. In fact, Reina was actually attempting to embed a video in an email to friends and finally realized it was not possible. With the help of a friend who was in IT, they figured it out and decided to make it available for anyone to use.

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Calls For The Venezuelan Military To Leave The Oil Business

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February 2016 saw the economy of Venezuela take what experts at Bloomberg believe to be a strange turn when President Nicolas Maduro appointed members of the military as leaders of a new oil and mining business owned by the state. The growth of the military in the crisis hit country has been of concern to some as 4,000 generals are now in office within Venezuela, which also has serving or former military officials in positions of power across national and local government agencies.
The growth of the Venezuelan military coincided with the rise of socialism as the dominant political ideology in the country explained Danilo Diaz Granados, which has merged with adverse weather conditions to create an economy with the highest inflation rate in the world. Despite having large oil reserves and playing an important role in the OPEC oil group the country has recently seen rolling blackouts and emergency measures introduced to deal with a growing medical crisis.

January 2016 as reports circulated My Space saw the Democratic Unity Party take control of the national legislature, which was followed by this opposition party claiming it would remove President Maduro from power within six months. After collecting more than two million signatures to begin the recall process for President Maduro this long process looks set to drag on into 2017, with some experts stating the opposition should focus their energies on building support for the 2019 Presidential elections.


Talk Fusion Makes Large Donation to Tampa Bay Area Humane Society

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Talk Fusion has made an unprecedented donation of 1 million dollars to the Tampa Bay Area Humane Society. This donation is the largest donation that the organization has ever recieved during its 100 year history. The money will allow the Tampa Bay Humane Society to break ground on a new veterinary medical facility. This medical facility will allow the Humane Society to provide reduced price medical care. It will also provide more comprehensive care for the animals that are housed in the Tampa Bay Area Humane Society’s animal shelter.

Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion has been a big supporter of the Tampa Bay Area Humane Society for several years. At the most recent Tuxes and Tails gala held as a fundraiser for the organization, he donated $250,000 dollars. Because of this and other support he has given through the years, the new medical facility will be dedicated in honor of two of Bob Reina’s deceased pets.

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2004 when he experienced a few hurdles while trying to send an e-mail to his friends. He wanted to send a short, 10 second video clip in the e-mail. America Online told him it wasn’t possible. So Bob set out to create a way to solve the problem and send the clip. He teamed up with a friend who was an expert in information technology, and before long they had developed the technology to send the video in and e-mail. By 2007 they had launched their flagship product, Video e-mail.

It was out of this idea that Bob Reina formed Talk Fusion. Before long the company grew, and today they have satisfied customers all over the world. The company offers an all-in-one video marketing solution that offers customers a wide variety of video options to help communicate with their customers. This includes video chat, video e-mail, and live meetings. They continue to add more ways for businesses to communicate with their customers as they work on making the technology more efficient.

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How Will Image Recognition Technology Change Businesses Of The Future?

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Normal shopping takes a long time because people have to search high and low for all the things they need, and it can take hours upon hours if someone does not know the brand of what they need. Visual search is going to change everything because it is going to bring people to the exact items that they are looking for. It is going to change how long it takes them to shop, and it is going to help them save money.

The most prominent of all the image recognition companies is Slyce:, and they have created a program that is going to search for items that people shop for. The app actually takes a picture of anything, and it immediately figures out what the item is. That alone is worth the price of admission because it helps people learn what an ite is if they do not know what it is.

The app is going to help people find the items to buy online, and they are going to have a little link that lets them go looking for the ite, for purchase. People who are buying are going to have an electronic record of the search, and they can do the search as many times as they want. It just depends on what they need and who they want to buy it from.

Slyce technology is also wonderful because it is changing the way people search for items using visual search. Someone who sees a really nice item on a passer by on the street can get a picture of it, and people who find something in a shop window will be able to take a picture to find out what the item is. That is going to give the information they need if they have to replicate the item exactly, and it is going to tell them what they are looking for if they are just sharing that information with someone else. You can get more fact at: Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

Everyone needs to have more information when they are shopping, and the Slyce technology gives people to information they need quickly. The app searches pictures quickly, and it tells the user what they need to know. Slyce is the perfect shopping app for anyone. The app helps people find items with pictures, and it offers real information. This will help people save time and money. Anyone who is tired of shopping for hours can now try Slyce and their image recognition application.

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