Shoe Carnival Using Slyce Technology

The technology company Slyce announced recently that it has launched new visual search technology for Shoe Carnival. Potential customers can use their mobile phones to take a picture of a shoe that has caught their eye – either in reality or in a photograph – and upload it to the Shoe Carnival website where Slyce technology matches it with a similar shoe within the Shoe Carnival inventory.

Essentially, the technology allows people to almost instantly find shoes online similar to ones they see in their daily lives by using an image. Once the user finds a pair of shoes on the Shoe Carnival website that they like, they can be purchased online very swiftly. Using Slyce technology fits into Shoe Carnival’s larger strategy of making shopping for their products as quick and convenient as possible for their customers and taking their e-commerce operations to the next level.

Shoe Carnival is based in Evansville, IN, and sell shoes for men, women and children. Their focus is on offering name brands at reasonable prices, and the types of shoes they have available include casual, work and dress. As well as selling footwear online, they own and operate approximately 400 shoes in the continental United States and Puerto Rico. Shoe Carnival is one of the largest shoe retailers in the United States.

About Slyce

Slyce is headquartered in Toronto and specializes in developing highly sophisticated digital visual search technology. In particular, they bring products to market that allow retailers to match images to products in their inventory on behalf of potential customers.

The possible applications of visual search technology are countless. Slyce is on the cutting-edge of this emerging technology as it used by retailers, and their clients already include Urban Outfitters, Home Depot and other high-profile brands.