SKOUTing for Kindness in College Students

SKOUT, a social media app that operates a little differently than others, combining aspects of competitors to better build real-life relationships between users through technology, has always displayed a degree of interest in human behavior, how it’s presented and what people think about it. Most recently, SKOUT has applied this curiosity towards college-age users and their thoughts on acts of kindness.

Tapping into their vast user base, SKOUT contacted some 2,700 users to find out how they feel being the recipients of random acts of kindness, and if they perform such acts for the benefit of others. According to respondents, 51% of college students perform some manner of kind act at some point during their average day, while 93% have done so, at some point, for a complete stranger. This survey took place during February 15 through the 20th, coinciding with Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Survey questions covered the many permutations these acts takes, and the results were published for all to see. Of the responses given, ten ranked higher than the rest. This highlighted the behavior of these college students. Among the kind of acts committed, most have paid for the purchases of someone behind them in line when purchasing food or drink from a drive-thru, sent a text message to a friend, thanking them for their presence in their lives, hugged a friend when least expected, leave a tip in excess of 15-20% when eating at a restaurant, fill up a friend’s car with gas, leave nice messages for people in their lives, and turn over spare change to charity jars when out shopping. This seems to reinforce the position that people, in general, irrespective of age, have some vested interest in perpetuating acts of kindness whenever they can.

Following up with the survey, SKOUT has asked its users to not just continue with their acts of kindness, but to publish them online through social media with the use of their hashtag #SKOUTkind. SKOUT employees also took part in paying forward by performing their own random acts of kindness throughout the city they call home San Francisco, even holding a food drive to benefit the SF-Marin Food Bank.

A social discovery app, aimed at connecting people for social connections, dating and networking, SKOUT has become a social media giant that incorporates online communication with real world interaction.

One of the first social media apps made available to the world, SKOUT has gained more than 500 million followers worldwide.