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Investment Banking Firm: Madison Street Capital

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The You Tube video is about Madison Street Capital that offers capital restructuring services. The embed code of the video is . Madison Street Company is an investing banking group that offers middle market firms flexible, effective and reliable corporate funding solutions. It provides these solutions to companies that are undergoing challenging and difficult financial situations. Madison Street Capital offers capital structure to these companies through its diverse funding sources and credit providers. Its business financing seeks to give companies, corporate valuation expertise, financing relationships and debt restructuring services and experience. The video also provides Madison Street Capital telephone contacts through which one can get more information about capital restructuring.
Madison Street Capital as stated on bloomberg business earlier is an investing banking firm that is committed to offering financial advisory services to publicly and privately held businesses. Madison also provides M&A advisory services, valuation services for hedge funds and corporate advisory services. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and offices in North America, Asia and Africa. This adoption of a global view allows Madison Street capital to give equal attention and emphasis to local businesses and networks thus building relationships.
Madison Street Capital boasts of having seasoned professionals who have exceptional knowledge and experience on investment banking. These professionals have the capability of assisting clients have appropriate financing and capitalization structure to meet its client’s specifications. Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of businesses throughout the world due to its highest level of professionalism and reliability. It has partnered with middle-market firms to enable them chart through complicated transactions and achieve great outcomes. They understand that each client has a unique situation and thus its team of professionals take time to analyze and comprehend each client’s needs and expectations.

Madison Street Capital has won various awards and recently it was named as a finalist in the 8th Annual International M&A Awards. In the year 2015, Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist in the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. It believes on corporate governance and it has on several occasions availed it top executives to give talks in Universities, seminars and conferences. Madison Street Capital has managed to carve a place for itself as the leading provider of financial services to the middle market. This is because of the reputation of excellence and reliability it has portrayed. It has proved its capability to match buyers and sellers thus ensuring their client’s satisfaction always.

QNET Offers Women New Opportunities

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Women represent an important part of the society. Without them, it is impossible to raise a good society that is all round. They have the responsibility of taking care of their families, raising their children and working to earn a decent livelihood. The cost of life has been going up for some years now, and the money brought by the man of the house is not enough to run the whole family without running out of cash.

Balancing the working and family hours for a woman is not easy. The modern woman has to spend many hours in the office working to earn a living, and sometimes, they find themselves neglecting their young families. To ensure that they earn a decent living and have enough time for family, many women have opted to start their own businesses. However, doing business is not easy, and most of the time, these businesses collapse due to the lack of capital or poor management, bringing losses to the women.There is a new way where women can work and still have enough time for their families. The direct selling industry is the way to go for the modern woman. Apart from being easy and convenient, the option doesn’t involve many risks compared to the business industry. Women in the modern times can choose to go for direct selling companies and make money at their own convenient time and still be assured that their families, especially children are well taken care of.

QNET is one of the direct selling companies in the world. This year, the company chose to do something for the young women entrepreneurs who are looking for a better working balance. During the international women’s day, the company will be empowering women to excel in the direct selling industry. The company has taken the responsibility of educating young women entrepreneurs and even giving them an opportunity to work with them.

QNET is an Asian based direct selling company. It has many branches in the world, and it continues to expand, helping many young women all over the world. The company deals with women beauty products, wellness products and many other products for women. The women entrepreneurs who will join this company will not have a rough time dealing with the products since they belong to them too. QNET is well known in the world today, and its respected because of the opportunities if offers to many people.

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Fabletics Launches Spring/Summer 2016 Collection of Fitness Fashion

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The Clothes Maiden recently shared the new Fabletics spring/summer 2016 fitness fashion line. The article displayed the bright colors, fun prints and different cuts that we have come to love from Fabletics. Rather than blending in with the familiar fitness fashion scene, Fabletics strikes out on a bold, different path and provides women with inspiring options to enhance their workout experience and actually make them excited about going to the gym.

Part of what makes the Fabletics shopping experience so personal and unique to each woman, is that before signing up for a monthly subscription or online account, women are asked a series of questions about their body type, personal style preferences and typical workout format. This helps pair monthly outfit options up with the right fit for each customer.

The biggest benefit of signing up for Fabletics’ VIP monthly subscription membership is that members get even deeper discounts off of regular retail prices. And, Fabletics throws in free shipping as an added bonus for members. Billing for monthly membership is automatic, but customers need not worry. It is exceedingly simple to cancel or pause a monthly membership at any time by simply calling the customer service line and asking that your membership be cancelled or put on hold. This gives members flexibility in billing and also allows them to take advantage of incredible discounts and VIP membership offers, including accumulating rewards points.

Fabletics was founded, in part, by Kate Hudson in 2013. Since then, its sales have sky rocketed and customers have been leaving rave reviews on The Clothes Maiden about the quality of the clothing and variety of the outfit options. In fact, this is an additional bonus of being a Fabletics shopper. You can read literally thousands of reviews about a Fabletics clothing piece before purchasing. But, if you happen to not be completely thrilled with your purchase, or it just does not fit you right, then you can take advantage of hassle free returns or exchanges.

For anyone on the fence about signing up for a Fabletics monthly VIP subscription, there is no harm in giving it a try. The first membership outfit is discounted even deeper than the typical monthly options. So, even if you eventually decide to cancel your membership, you will still walk away with an incredible outfit at a super discounted price.

SKOUTing for Kindness in College Students

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SKOUT, a social media app that operates a little differently than others, combining aspects of competitors to better build real-life relationships between users through technology, has always displayed a degree of interest in human behavior, how it’s presented and what people think about it. Most recently, SKOUT has applied this curiosity towards college-age users and their thoughts on acts of kindness.

Tapping into their vast user base, SKOUT contacted some 2,700 users to find out how they feel being the recipients of random acts of kindness, and if they perform such acts for the benefit of others. According to respondents, 51% of college students perform some manner of kind act at some point during their average day, while 93% have done so, at some point, for a complete stranger. This survey took place during February 15 through the 20th, coinciding with Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Survey questions covered the many permutations these acts takes, and the results were published for all to see. Of the responses given, ten ranked higher than the rest. This highlighted the behavior of these college students. Among the kind of acts committed, most have paid for the purchases of someone behind them in line when purchasing food or drink from a drive-thru, sent a text message to a friend, thanking them for their presence in their lives, hugged a friend when least expected, leave a tip in excess of 15-20% when eating at a restaurant, fill up a friend’s car with gas, leave nice messages for people in their lives, and turn over spare change to charity jars when out shopping. This seems to reinforce the position that people, in general, irrespective of age, have some vested interest in perpetuating acts of kindness whenever they can.

Following up with the survey, SKOUT has asked its users to not just continue with their acts of kindness, but to publish them online through social media with the use of their hashtag #SKOUTkind. SKOUT employees also took part in paying forward by performing their own random acts of kindness throughout the city they call home San Francisco, even holding a food drive to benefit the SF-Marin Food Bank.

A social discovery app, aimed at connecting people for social connections, dating and networking, SKOUT has become a social media giant that incorporates online communication with real world interaction.

One of the first social media apps made available to the world, SKOUT has gained more than 500 million followers worldwide.

Darius Fisher Give Advice on Retaining Employees

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Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, recently wrote an article in titled “How Increasing Employee Job Satisfaction Can Reduce Turnover.” Employee turnover can cost businesses a lot of money to replace them, and if the employee has a lot of experience or is in a management position, then the cost is even greater. In this article, Darius explains how employers can provide incentives to increase employee satisfaction and rates of retention.

As an employer, Darius has had to find ways to increase the job satisfaction of his employees, and he provides suggestions as to what he has been able to do. Some of the things he has done include:

• Acknowledging employees and providing them with rewards for accomplishments and achieving goals
• Regularly updating employees on developments within the company and their industry
• Provide periodic raises

Darius suggests it is important for employers to know what inspires their employees and to work within their budget to provide them with the appropriate incentives to motivate them and achieve their goals.

Darius Fisher and his business partner at the time, Jordan French, started Status Labs in 2013. Status Labs specializes in online reputation management, digital marketing, SEO and public relations. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX and has additional offices in in New York and Sao Paulo. It has over 1500 clients in over 35 countries, and it’s one of the top companies in the online reputation management field whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and public figures like politicians and celebrities.

Prior to Status Labs, Darius Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics and has worked as a litigation support executive, political consultant and a senior copywriter. He was recently named one of 50 people who are innovating the business world through the use of technology. Darius frequently advises people on how to create a positive online presence and being proactive in protecting their online reputation.

Coriant; A Leading Telecom Company

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Coriant is a telecommunications company that uses computer network infrastructure that interconnects various pieces of network to provide products for optical transmission to network operators. Siemens Optical Networks (NSN ON), Sycamore networks and Tellabs partnered to form Coriant, and eventually launched it in March 2013. Coriant became an independent company in September that year as a subsidiary of Marlin Equity Partners. The telecom company has main offices in Naperville, USA, and Munich, Germany. The company serves network operators in at least 100 countries.

Coriant executes and develops distinct, innovative software and hardware, such as packet optical transport solutions, edge-routing solutions, integrated optical planning solutions, cross-connect/TDM solutions and intelligent network management. Coriant provides services to content providers; mobile and fixed line service providers; government agencies; and cloud and data center operators. Other clients include international financial institutions and other leading network operators.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. He also serves as the company’s Chairman of the Board. Shaygan has worked in various executive capacities in a number of recognized companies for more than two decades. Born in 55 years ago in London to a doctor father and bred in Iran, Shaygan moved to the United States of America for university. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering; Control Systems. He began his career at GTE Laboratories in 1987 where he worked on network routing and control before he became Chief Information Officer of GTE Corporation.

Kheradpir served as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Verizon Communications. At Verizon, he worked with his team to develop FiOS, a giant infrastructure program in the U.S. with an investment capital of at least $20 billion; iobi,a software that provides and manages telephone services over the internet; and Verizon One. Later, he was appointed Chief Operations and Technology Officer of Barclays where he contributed to the famous Transform Program, and subsequently became the first ever technology executive to sit on Barclay’s Executive Team. In January 2014, he was appointed CEO of Juniper where he developed a restructuring and cost-cutting plan called Integrated Operating Plan, which reduced the company’s costs by $160 million.

Shaygan Kheradpir worked as an Operating Partner with focus on strategic telecom and technology investments at Marlin Equity Partner before he was appointed CEO of Coriant in September 2013, taking over from Pat DiPietro, who currently as Vice-chairman of the company. The recognized business leader was as a member of Cornell University Engineering Council. He previously sat on the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York and on the board of United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Getting Good Nutrition from Your Dog’s Food

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For so many people, choosing a good dog food is a very difficult decision. Not only do you want some of the best ingredients out there in the dog food, but you also don’t want that food to be costing you a pretty penny. Instead of dealing with the mediocre cheap brands or the expensive high-end brands, you need to meet in the middle and find a dog food that is both wholesome and isn’t going to be overly expensive. Fortunately, there is a brand like this out there and it is very easy to find in a variety of stores.

Making the Switch to a Better Brand

Beneful is a line of dog food that you have probably already heard of and are aware exists. If you have never tried Beneful before for your dog, it is nice to know that this brand backs both science and nutrition into their products without raising the price to a ridiculous amount. This means that you will be able to afford the dog food without it costing too much and you can feel good because you are not feeding your dog a cheap brand that contains only fillers and very little nutrition.

Benefits to Your Pet

The benefits of switching to a brand like Purina Beneful for your dog are amazing and practically endless. You may notice that once you switch to Beneful, your dog has more energy and is more vital. Their coat might shine and they may also experience better health because of the fact that they are getting vitamins and minerals that simply were not in their old food. If this is something you would love to benefit from and have a dog that benefits from it as well, it is a good idea to carefully look into the Beneful brand and see what is right for your dog. Their varieties of food make it easy and quick for you to choose one that is going to be ideal for your family pet and one that is not going to cause you to go broke just buying a couple bags.