Securus Technologies Specializes in Humanitarian Technologies

Securus Technologies is a forward thinking technology company that has created cutting edge civil and criminal justice computing applications to provide solutions for public safety, investigations, corrections, inmate communication monitoring, and most recently mobile video visitation for inmates. This is honestly such a humane practice and after doing some research on the company I has found their vision to be quite inspiring. Russell Roberts, newly appointed Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for the company says that this type of “video visit” technology helps connect family members and close friends with an efficient, more simple way to visit their loved ones behind bars. 

Imagine being locked up and having to be subject to the rigid and difficult processes in order to see your loved ones. I can’t imagine the difficulty for families to communicate under such visitation policies. What this company has made possible is for family and friends to enjoy special moments in life like birthdays, dance recitals, and anniversaries, from practically everywhere on the globe directly from the users Android and/or Apple devices. The mobile app is found on both Google Play™ and in the App Store and I’ve read the specs of the app and what I find unique and extremely valuable about the technology is that it allows the operator the functionality to sync visitation details to calendars and receive specified notifications for impending visits. The app is customizable to serve each user and help them to bring efficiency to visitation. 

Besides the new and wonderful aforementioned technology, Securus Technologies also serves over 3,400 public safety, law enforcement offices and corrections facilities across North America. I took the time to visit their website which can be found here: Securus Technologies and have found it to be very informative and useful for potential clients. One great feature of their website is the “Facilities we serve” page. Here you can do a comprehensive search of over 2,200 Correctional Facilities across the United States and Canada that Securus works with. This will allow potential clients to find out if they can use these useful and admirable services. They also have Live Chat, FAQ’s, and other customer service friendly functions to help all interested parties.

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