OSI Group: Over 100 and top 100 accomplishments

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Not many companies can claim accomplishments in the 100 range. OSI Group, LLC, an American food processing company on Chicago Tribune, holds claim to existing for over 100 years and of being considered one of the top 100 American food companies. It’s also rated #58 in Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies list, with revenue of over $6 billion in 2016.

Starting as a neighborhood meat market by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in 1909, today OSI Group is an International conglomerate with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, servicing the retail and food service industries at http://digital.bnpmedia.com/article/Sheldon+Lavin,+Chairman+And+CEO+Of+OSI+Group,+LLC/1529744/0/article.html. From meat patties to vegetables, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish and poultry, their high-quality products and exemplary management practices have earned praise around the world. A subsidiary, OSI Food Solutions UK, was awarded the prestigious Globe of Honour Award for 2016, presented by the British Safety Council to companies who implement best of its kind management practices that minimize environmental risks.

For over 100 years, OSI Group’s research and development have produced leading-edge solutions and innovations that has made it the global supplier of choice for brands who value its custom food products. From sourcing to processing and distribution, OSI Group global solutions support customers present and future worldwide needs.

No company can be successful without a workplace environment that supports and values its employees, and OSI Group is no exception. With more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 countries, OSI firmly believes that employees are the drivers of success for the company and its customers, offering careers that are challenging, stimulating and rewarding on foodprocessing.com. Its commitment also extends to its community. In June 2016 it acquired a soon-to-be closed Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. Employing 480 people, it was scheduled for shutdown in October. OSI’s purchase of the facility will augment its presence in Chicago and provide additional infrastructure for business growth. And by offering new opportunities to former Tyson employees, save many jobs.

Continuing its global expansion on thecaterer.com, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe on December 2016. Flagship Europe is a well-known major UK food service market supplier offering products such as frozen poultry and pies and a significant presence in the UK food-to-go sector. Commenting on its most recent acquisition, David McDonald, president and COO said: “Adding Flagship to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.”

Committed to its community, its employees and its customers, OSI Group look forward to another 100 years of growth and innovation.

The Midas Legacy Gives Customers Access to Value Financial Information

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but financial information is quite abundant on websites. People just have to know where to look. The Midas Legacy is a website that has given people access to a ton of valuable information. This is where they find out about different things like investment opportunities and other things like saving money.

The Midas Legacy works well for a diverse number of investors largely because it is designed with information from more than one person. There are people that know about stocks that are writers on the Midas Legacy website. Others have experience in real estate. There are other experts that have the ability to provide good information on business plans. All of these different people that provide information to the website have made the Midas Legacy a real jewel. It has become the website that gives a ton of people information on things that they cannot find anywhere else.

This website has become popular largely because it gives people stock tips about the greatest stocks that are going to help them maximize their returns. It also gives people access to some cool real estate investment tips that can help them diversify their returns.

Deal Biscuit is another aspect of the Midas Legacy that has managed to help those people that are in need of a great deal. Deal Biscuit is operated by the Midas Legacy, and this is what has allowed people to make save more. That is what the Midas Legacy is all about. It helps people change the way that they look at money. When people are able to change their mindset about money they have a better chance of making more money. There are plans for better investing on stocks and mutual funds. People get the chance to explore options for index funds. All of this gives the average investor greater access to opportunities that they may not have known about prior to visiting this website.

Ultimately, this is a website that helps people make good retirement decisions. There are people that are going to take the time to use the retirement calculator that is available on this website. There are also people that are going to check out the natural cures section of the website. All of these things can really help a person live longer and retire early. From this perspective, the Midas Legacy helps improve the quality of life.

Why You Should Contact MB2 Dental

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The Importance of Going To MB2 Dental

It is important that you do everything that you can to make the most of your dental health care on a regular basis. If this is something that you are looking into, there are a number of dental clinics that you can reach out to, but MB2 Dental is the best around. There are a number of reasons for this, so you should consider the tips presented in this article in order to make sure that you are taking great care of your gums and teeth in a manner that suits you. With this in mind, read on and consider these points.



#1: MB2 Dental Is Staffed With Nothing But The Best Professionals


There are a lot of dental practices you can reach out to, but this particular one is top notch because they have nothing but the best professionals. These dentists are equipped to all make your dental care go to the next level. Your teeth will be white and beautiful and you will have nothing but the best oral health.



#2: Going To The Dentist Twice Per Year Is A Must


It is very imperative that you visit the dentist two times per year for checkups. These checkups will include inspections and cleaning. If you do this, you can take full advantage of your dental care and will be taking preventative measures for the betterment of your overall oral health.


#3: They Can Help You Out When You Need An Emergency


Best of all, these dental professionals at the clinic will be able to assist you with any sort of emergency work that you need. Whether you need an emergency root canal, extraction or are dealing with a chipped or broken tooth, the dentist at this professional business will assist you. This is why it is so critical that you would talk to these professionals anytime that you need the help and service of oral healthcare professionals that are excellent at everything that they do and every piece of service they provide.


As you can see, it is very important to find a dentist who can assist you when you need any sort of care. In this regard, this is a great dental practice to turn to. They can help develop any kind of dentistry that you need. To get all that you need out of the help they provide, reach out to them today.


Proper Haircare & Women

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Having beautiful long locks of hair doesn’t happen by chance unless you have great genetics. Even with great genetics, a person has to maintain that natural blessing we call hair and if not, it will surely get damaged along the way. Most women tend to use a lot of haircare products. Mixing and matching brands aren’t the best of ideas since many of these brands have their very own specific formulas. The chemical sulfates in these products can be disastrous if used for long periods of time. Question for you ladies. Why does a few strands of hair seem to fallout after showering? First of all, hair will natural shed (in-a-sense), but consistently falling out means that there is a problem. The answer to this question is that you’re probably using too strong of products. For most brands there aren’t anything natural about their ingredients. Now you have a choice to make. Keep doing your same routine or find an alternate route for better health.

If you want to save the hair you have then you must make some changes starting with the current products in your bathroom. Throw them away and start using WEN by Chaz. The benefits of Wen Hair care Products definitely outweigh the negatives, if there are any. WEN products are loaded with nutritional ingredients like fruit and plant extracts. These ingredients create a positive environment which makes you hair easily managed.

WEN hair by Chaz Dean, https://chazdean.com/store.aspx, is the present and future for total haircare. The product is continuously growing with items such as Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatments, Pomegranate Anti-Frizz Styling Gel, Almond Mint Oil Treatments, Cucumber Aloe Texture Balm Pomades, and many more. The organic effects along can bring your luscious locks back from the brink and using these products with consistency will enhance your entire appearance. WEN hair cleansing conditioners conveniently come in a variety of different scents to choose from, and they can be ordered right online from several different retailers, including Ebay, Sephora, Guthy-Renker and even Amazon. Each bottle averages around $40.


Magnises Is The Business That Succeeds Naturally

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Statistics tell us that most new businesses never get off the ground, let alone succeed in a big way. Most new enterprises are doomed to failure for a variety of reasons. Magnises is an exception to the rule, but founder, Billy McFarland has a history of startup successes.

At the age of 13, he started a business that found clients for a local business in his town. While he was a freshman at Bucknell University, he began a company called Spling, a company that transformed a company’s URL into a graphic design. More visibility gives pizzaz to a company’s brand and helps to publicize both the company and its products. McFarland is still the CEO of Spling with clients such as Discovery and Universal.

At age 23 in 2013, McFarland started Magnises, a venue that is designed to bring millennials together socially and for business purposes. By paying an annual membership fee of $250, members can enjoy very attractive discounts and perks at some of their favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, events, and other haunts. It is all accomplished with The Black Card.

The Black Card copies all of the member’s information from his or her credit or debit card onto the magnetic strip of the Black Card. The Black Card pays the bill, and the discounts are automatically applied. Truly a stroke of genius because the Black Card has become a status symbol among the millennials who are using it like gangbusters. Source: https://www.instagram.com/magnises/

Millennials love to get together to socialize, trade ideas and make business contacts. If an individual owns a Black Card, he or she is in on the news and scuttlebutt. It is easy to be accepted because most of the people in the group share the same experience – they are a member of Magnises and own a Black Card. McFarland recently installed an app that serves the same purpose as transactions scan from a smartphone.

The growth of Magnises has been phenomenal as noted that at the end of 2015 there were over 10,000 members. The demographic targets young professionals, marketers, garment industry executives, artists, and entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 35. Word of mouth is the primary marketing secret, and it tends to occur very fast.

Read more: Magnises unrolls new lifestyle perks

McFarland claims that only a small fraction of the New York City market has come aboard, but that is rapidly changing. A recent influx of $3 million from a venture capitalist has McFarland thinking about expanding to other cities. Targets are Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and London.

The business plan is intact and workable anywhere where millennials live and work. This crowd tends to want to live and work in the trendy metro districts where the action is. The financial districts of larger cities are where they work and play, and the business model is geared exactly to that.

The time is ripe, and McFarland and his management team are ready, and why not. Other cities have heard about Magnises, and they are anxious to have the benefits soon. That is just what Billy McFarland is counting on, and surely more success will be the result.

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ClassDojo Is Steadily Improving The Standards Of The Educational System

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Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started up ClassDojo in 2011, and they did so after traveling around the country scoping out schools and speaking to various teachers on the current conditions and standards that are found at most schools. Many teachers agreed that there is a severe lack of communication between all parties, which was what majorly inspired the duo to start up their company and release their educational platform. This tool works to increase the level of communication that is available between parents, students, and teachers on a daily basis, to make sure everyone is on the same page. ClassDojo also released with several growth mindset videos, which were designed to teach specific learning principals to students to help them better.

Today, ClassDojo’s special platform for education has managed to find its way into the classrooms of nearly two thirds of all schools within the US, helping thousands of students become more engaged and gain a better disposition on schooling. There are many tools for learning on the market, but there are none that focuses on communication such as ClassDojo, which isn’t even the best part. The best part about ClassDojo is the fact that it is completely free to use for everyone, and all that is required to participate is an invitation from a classroom teacher. The application can also be run on nearly all devices today, including laptops, smartphones, and even tablets.

A great many teaches are excited for the things that ClassDojo will bring the schooling community around the world. The company has come a long way already and they have more plans for expanding on their platform as well as the overall features available. The core of the application is completely free and will remain that way indefinitely, but special features and options have been added as a way of raising funds to keep updating and improving on their program. Never has there been a product like this out on the market, and this meets the dire need for communication that many parents and students lack, especially busy parents that can’t make it to be around often., anyone can get started using this great educational tool today.

Comparative Law Made Simple

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A lot of people want to find the government system that works and builds a healthy and well-functioning society. Before we decide what government style is best, it helps to know what the major types are. James Madison once observed that angelic people would need no government. Since people are not angelic, they require government of some kind.


Polybius, the ancient Greek political science expert, identified 4 major types of constitutions:


  1. Monarchy – One powerful unelected person rules the country, making and enforcing the law. A bad monarchy is a dictatorship. Wonderful if the ruler is benevolent. Terrible if he or she is not.


  1. Aristocracy – A group of unelected powerful people rule the country and enforce the law. A bad aristocracy is an oligarchy. It sometimes ignores the needs of the poor, but generally creates a wealthy and powerful society.


  1. Democracy – A majority of the people directly rule the country, (often through elected representatives) and they make and enforce the law through votes. A bad democracy is a ochlocracy (mob rule). Many European countries are this type of government. Democracies often have high debts because the citizens vote themselves benefits that the country cannot afford.


  1. Tripartite – Combines elements of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy with the hope to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of all three types. Often ends up bureaucratic and slow.


In the past, particularly in the tribal era, human government was typically conducted through Aristocracies. A group of the oldest and wealthiest members of the tribe would govern the others. Each style of government has strengths and weaknesses. When the members of a given government become selfish and proud, they evolve into the negative form of the constitutional style that they are using.


The Roman government tried to fix this problem by developing the first tripartite constitution. A tripartite government combines elements from all three forms of constitution that humans use. Sadly, the Roman Tripartite government did not last. It soon became a monarchy, as the consuls battled to control the whole governmental apparatus.


Some modern examples of Tripartite government include the United States of America and Switzerland. The United States has seen pressure from progressive influences to become a democracy, and abolish the Electoral College (an aristocracy mechanism to elect the president). So far, the pressure to do so has not been enough, and the recent 2016 Presidential election results saw the winning candidate losing the popular (democratic) vote but winning the electoral college (a form of aristocracy).


Sujit Choudhry is an international expert in comparative constitutional law. Sujit enjoys providing advice to policymakers who need tips on how to improve their government. Many times, the political sphere gets very stressful.


Studying the ancient political world with Sujit Choudhry can help your day be easier. You can reach Sujit at his LinkedIn account, and find his books on Amazon as well. Sujit looks forward to hearing from you.

More information for Choudhry: http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry

DEVCO Incurs a Massive Debt

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According to Press of Atlantic City website, Middlesex County Improvement Authority received a $20 million loan from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in 2005 for the construction of a New Brunswick Hotel and conference center known as The Heldrich. Christopher Paladino headed the investment. Last month they failed to pay $1 million in principal and interest of that loan. The loan has also been in arrears for five years that has totaled to $7 million. Stephen Sweeney (state senate president) feels that the above saga is an example of how public funds can be mismanaged and embezzled when channeled through private firms to executive large- scale projects.

The hotel opened in 2007; it has got a total of 235 rooms, and its occupancy rate was 63.5% last year. Johnson 4Johnson was its largest occupant. The $107 million that was needed to finance the hotel building included $70 million municipal bond and $20 million CRDA loan.

The New Brunswick and Atlantic City Development Corp are sister companies and are both headed by attorney Chris Paladino. Atlantic City Development Corp is expected to run a project that is worth more than $200 million to develop Gateway project in the Chelsea section of the city. The project also includes $19.5 million CRDA money. On this project, County Improvement Authority intends to issue $120 million bonds in May next year. However, John Cantalupo is confident that the bond will not experience any shortfalls as per hid Heldrich finance review. The Press Atlantic City has detailed information on the DEVCO debt and can be accessed on https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/unpaid-million-crda-loan-raises-questions-about-new-brunswick-devco/article_a03318e2-dcdb-11e5-a563-67611bc7b7bc.amp.html&ved=0ahUKEwjPyeSo4c_PAhVgOMAKHUizBdQQFgj-ATAc&usg=AFQjCNG_P5TUHF91uMjPpSosGtwrhFuEKA&sig2=mtperPIKoeTnSwtfjZ1PUA

DEVCO history

DEVCO is a real estate development firm that was founded in 1970 by Richard B. Sellar with the aim of handling private and public investment in New Brunswick. It has managed to run more than $1.6 billion in investment from the time of its inception. It has been criticized for incurring massive debts through its projects. Hyatt Regency Hotel $60 million project was its first major project.



Talk Fusions Hard Work Pays Off

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It’s been a big year for Talk Fusion, and their hard work has been recognized. On august 5th the Technology Marketing Corporation gave the Communication Solutions Product Of The Year Award to Talk Fusion. With all of the hard work that everyone at Talk Fusion has put into making their product the best on the market, the prize was undoubtedly rightfully theirs.


Talk Fusions has been around since 2007 when they first realized the original product. Since then their technology has gotten more advanced, and the company has grown tremendously. The CEO of the company, Bob Reina, had the idea to start this company when he noticed the many problems with the market for video communication systems. He found there to be no good way to email videos, which in his eyes, is an important part of business. Since that day Reina and his coworkers have been creating new and improved methods of video communication.


In just 2016, Talk Fusion released three new products. A thirty-day free trial for those interested in the product, a webRTC recorder, and a new website TalkFusionInstantPay.com. The company says that in their future, they hope to be bringing an all in one video communication product to the table. This would simplify how we do business through video and would help small businesses get their start in the competitive market.


This is an overall good product brought to you by a company made up of good people. From both the quality of the product, and the kindness of the higher-ups, offering free trials to anyone and free services to animal-based charities, you know talk fusion comes to you from a good place.

Economic Development Through Kevin Seawright

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Kevin Seawright is a huge proponent of economic development. Many areas of the world could have much lower rates of crime and poverty if someone would just take the time to invest time and money into the area. There are a lot of ways to invest in economic development, starting with capital.

Many areas today have little capital to work with in order to drive growth. This becomes a cycle where poor areas stay poor because they do not have any money to work with. There are many people today who are starting to worry about the future. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to upgrade the local area in which you live.


Without a doubt, education is the best way for people to get ahead. Many areas around the country today do not have adequate education for people who are looking to invest in themselves. Upgrading the local schools is something that a lot of people are for. However, when it comes to actually investing time and money into a local area, few people are willing to step up.

Kevin Seawright has encouraged a lot of people to start investing into their own local area. Over time, you can start to see the positive impact that this makes. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing what he can do in the future.

Final Thoughts

In the future, Kevin Seawright will continue to help others who want to get ahead in life. The simple fact is that there are a lot of areas that do not have adequate education for their needs. If you want to get ahead in life, you need to make sure you have an education to do so.

Many poor areas today have a falling population because the young people are all moving out for better opportunities in other areas. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people will continue to do unless an area is changed. Economic development should be a huge area for emphasis for people who want to make a difference.